What’s the most efficient way of sending bulk WhatsApp messages?

Businesses, regardless of what size they are, need to send messages in bulk to their customers. If you are planning to send messages in bulk to your customers on WhatsApp then here is the most efficient way of doing so. 

Now, to put it simply, there are only two ways of sending bulk WhatsApp Messages to your customers: 

  • Through Unofficial tools 
  • Through WhatsApp’s APIs 

As you must have predicted, there are definitely some adverse results waiting for you if you try to use unofficial tools to send bulk WhatsApp messages. There are benefits as well which include, no need to get API approval from WhatsApp, freedom to send whatever you like, and ease of setup. 

Now while these may look enticing, there are some disadvantages of using this approach and they include being banned by WhatsApp, no possibility of getting Green Tick Verification, and the danger of the tool stops working sometimes after updates. 

Now let’s look at the advantages you get when you are sending bulk messages through WhatsApp Official API. 

  • There is no risk of getting banned
  • It is the most reliable way to send bulk messages
  • It can be used for scheduling messages and automation
  • Build AI powered chatbots 
  • Get multiple users to reply clients 
  • Integrate with external systems 
  • Get Green Tick Verification
  • Sending of Promotional Messages safely 

Now that we are clear on the benefits and disadvantages of using the two ways of sending bulk messages through WhatsApp, here is how you can do it the right way!

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You can send WhatsApp Messages in Bulk to customers using Watsbot.

All you need to do is to get the Watsbot access and use the Broadcast feature to send the messages.

You can find the option on Watsbot Dashboard. Simply click on the ‘New Broadcast’ button there and add a broadcast name, choose the time of sending along with the template and click Next. Now you will be choosing your contacts and then adding them to the broadcast. The last thing you have to do is to track your WhatsApp broadcast status and analytics through the Watsbot tracking section.

This was the safest way of sending WhatsApp Messages in bulk. We hope you use it to your business advantage and get as many customers on board as possible.