How to find the best Bars & Nightlife in Bur Dubai

Working in Dubai can get a bit hectic at times and you always need someplace to let it all go. So, whether you are in Dubai as a tourist, or are here as a working ex-pat, a night full of drinks and pleasure can definitely do you some good. Thankfully the pub scene in Dubai is vibrant and there are tonnes of options just waiting for you to choose from. So, without further ado let’s see where you can find the best bars and nightlife in Bur Dubai.

Muscovites Restaurant and Bar

Muscovites is a Russian-themed night club in the Bur Dubai area where you can enjoy the best nightlife experiences in the UAE. There is a nice dance bar here where you can show off all your dance moves to your friends. After a few drinks, it becomes necessary that you should shake off all those worries at the dance bar and this is precisely what Muscovites offer you. If you have a Russian girlfriend in Dubai who is craving the local Russian cuisines, you can bring her here and be her hero forever.

Barrels Sports Arena

Located in the Majestic City Retreat Hotel in Bur Dubai, this bar opens every day and offers you a chance to catch a match with a nice beer. Who wouldn’t want that? This sports bar has numerous screens fitted on the walls featuring your favourite sports matches. There is a free pool waiting for you at the happy hour and if you are into video games they even have a PlayStation that is fitted to a private screen. What more could a sports fan ask for?

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George & Dragon

This is a unique club in Dubai that is a mixture of British pubs and American nightclubs. It is the perfect place for people desiring low-key life in Dubai. You can order a few drinks and play a few games of pool to cool off for the day. If you like throwing darts and spending the afternoon enjoying some cheap pints, George and Dragon will be waiting just for you. 

The Huddle Sports Bar & Grill

What could be better than to have a few pints at a sports bar and top off the entire experience with some Barbeque? If you are looking for such an experience in Dubai then The Huddle is the place for you. It is a classic sports bar and pub in Bur Dubai that features a smoky and dark sporting action. It is located at the Citymax Hotel in Bur Dubai and opens daily at noon. 

These were the places where you can find the best bars and enjoy an amazing nightlife experience in Dubai. Visit them while you are in the UAE and have a great time.