9 Foods and Life-changing Tips that will improve your focus and concentration

Your brain is the controller of your body. It has the ability to control when you speak, what you speak, what you think, and how you think. How do you feel when you give no food or the right amount of food to your brain? You feel exhausted and it’s hard to concentrate on your work. Your brain and your gut have the strongest connection, how you feed your stomach is how well your brain works.

Feeling tired all day, lacking sleep or sleeping too much, or unable to sit still at one place might seem very normal to you if you are under a lot of work pressure but it isn’t. A survey conducted amongst some students who were working as interns during their undergraduate found out that they were having trouble working in an office environment for 8 hours. Drinking coffee or eating proper meals didn’t even help because they were under a lot of pressure. One of the interns had to see a doctor, and the doctor suggested an oral dose of Waklert 150 mg to help her stay alert, active and focused towards her work. Now, she is able to work for a long time without feeling lethargic.

While eugeroics can certainly be helpful in keeping one focused, they do not guarantee a cure in the long term. However, there are certain foods and tips that can help you focus and concentrate during your work hours or your study hours-

1. Coffee

Caffeine is something that is most effectively used to keep your brain going during working hours. People take coffee to keep themselves more alert about the work they are doing. The right amount of coffee is 2-3 cups a day. It’s good to keep your mind focused but if you take too much caffeine in a day, say 5-6 cups a day, it will be harmful to your brain. Taking high amounts of coffee can disturb your sleeping patterns and have other negative effects on your brain.


2. Sugar

Who likes to take sugar as a part of their daily meal? Sugar is what keeps your brain going, not table sugar but glucose that your brain intakes from the carbs and meals you take. You can eat/drink something sweet but not too sweet after your meal or just to keep your brain alert enough to work. Sugar boosts your memory, ability, and thinking.

3. Have your morning meal 

Never ever skip your breakfast. Your breakfast is the most important meal of the day because what you eat in the morning will help you to keep the rest of your day going successfully. Eating breakfast helps to increase your concentration. Take a small portion of food as your breakfast like fruits, whole grains, and dairy products. A heavy meal can disturb your concentration towards work, making you feel sleepy.

4. Add some amount of nuts to your day 

Nuts and seeds are a very good source of protein and Vitamin E. Nuts help your brain fulfill the requirements of your body that you weren’t able to give through your daily meal. You can drink banana shake with nuts and seeds in the morning or you can eat them directly after your meal or while you are working.

5. Dark Chocolate 

I love Chocolate, do you? Chocolate has been known to be the best food to keep your brain alert and focused while you are working. Dark chocolate is known to have other antioxidant properties that help the functioning of your brain, and it also has caffeine that will let you concentrate on whatever work you are doing.

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6. Add more whole grains to your meal

A diet that is rich in whole grains and fruits like avocados reduces the risk of getting heart diseases and bad cholesterol levels. Every organ in the body depends on the blood flow, especially your brain and the heart. Whole grains like popcorn and whole wheat are a good way to get Vitamin E and dietary fiber. Also, avocados have fat that is good for you and helps the blood flow properly.

7. Get some Blueberries! 

Blueberries are super nutritious. Studies have shown that blueberries reduce the risk of getting brain damage or diseases that are related to old-aged people. Also, blueberries have a great effect on the learning and muscle functioning in older people and make them function equally to younger ones.

8. Green Tea 

Green Tea is known to be very effective amongst people who work hard all day long, it helps them to keep their minds on alert and concentrated.  Green Tea contains an amino acid along with caffeine that helps your brain in stress management and enhances the performance of the brain.

9. Start your day with eggs! 

Eggs not only help you increase your strength and build your muscles but they are known to keep your brain working throughout the day. They are rich in vitamin 12, protein, choline, and selenium – all of which support your memory, brain health, and performance.

Eat a healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet is a difficult task that we all find hard to keep up with but isn’t it important? Your functioning of the brain is important because it determines how your whole body works. People who have disturbed sleeping patterns or do not take the right amounts of protein, carbs, sugar, whole grains, etc. develop certain sleeping disorders.

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When to See a Doctor? 

When you feel uneasy, unable to speak, feel dizzy or fatigued, consider seeing a doctor. Also, there is an oral medication that you can take by the prescription of your doctor to concentrate on your work for more than 12 hours. Modalert 200 mg that contains Modafinil is known to be more effective amongst people who work night shifts, students who study throughout the day, artists, writers,etc. It helps you stay awake and alert for long without making you feel fatigued.